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At the end of a hard working day in office, he remains only four. About to go home, they wonder if they should not take a few minutes of playtime before you leave the office. Thus, two women and two men are alone in this open work space.

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Each of these guys decide to choose between the two women. They plan to spend a very pleasant after-work colleagues. Each pair takes its space and begins to do somersaults. The first couple did some sixty nine exciting on the floor, and the second couple watches them do good masturbating each other. They are all four trapped in a hellish round too deep and entertaining sex. The second couple goes to a higher level, in which the woman is easily fucked by his colleague. She starts against the table and the man behind her press her breasts and penetrated her with back and forth very quickly that increase pleasure for both partners. Seeing her get a hit, the first couple decides to join them-two so the guy penetrates the vagina and the second woman sucking his nipples.

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This orgy maketh a warmth and unwavering sexual tension in the office. The two couples swap their partners to better enjoy the atmosphere and taste a bit of everything. A real amateur sex, this fuck session is a particularly horny situation in office. Having changed partners, couples fuck like crazy to break into tables so the effect of gender on their bodies is powerful. They feel that everyone who lives the current during sex and that is released when they reach an orgasm together. They eventually baptized every corner of the workspace and each is happy with what they were there before heading back to the house.

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