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A pretty and sexy college teacher notices that a beautiful student who follows her courses devours her eyes. At the end of the session she proposes him to give her personal lessons at home. For the occasion, madame puts on the back that a light dress without underneath. When he enters the office, he sits down in front of her. Then she gets up and whispers in their ear that they would be better in her room.

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Once the door is closed, he throws his bag and the direct plate on the wall. He kisses her languorously and caresses her thighs and goes up to her buttocks. He continues to kiss her and walks his tongue on her neck and then on her breasts. He tickles the tips of her breasts, and moans with pleasure. He effortlessly removes his dress and lies on the bed. He strips like a bull and she caresses this huge cock that asks only to be sucked. She puts herself on him and offers him his vagina in the face to make a 69. Pleasure shared during the preliminaries.

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At the age of 40, his body nevertheless draws well-defined curves and very sensual. She is gifted to polish cocks with her tongue. And now, she shows him that she holds the form and has the performance of a mature porn. She ties the hands of her student with a tie. Afterwards, she bandages her eyes and embraces it while masturbating it very slowly. He moans with satisfaction and lets himself do it. She puts on him and sits gently on the big cock of his student. She detaches her hands and places one on her breasts and the other on her buttocks. She makes circular movements with her hip and caresses the clit at the same time. It accelerates the rhythm more and more that makes the student crack and lets out a big pressure of semen in her hottie.

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