How to date a cam girls ?

Dating a cam girl is impossible for some websites due to some terms of service mentioning that camgirls & visitors can’t exchange personal details. Cam girls face the risk of seeing their account shut down if they don’t comply with this rule. Websites witness situations where camgirls had their account shut down for this reason. Consequently, the only way to date a cam girl would be to tell her that you will be at a location at a given time if it is close to her place. In return, don’t expect her to agree otherwise she would be at risk of losing her job. This implies that you have to guess where she comes from exactly.

Visiting the appropriate website

You can’t exchange your personal details with webcam girls in any particular website. Websites where you can visit camgirls are Imlive, Camcontacts, and Chaturbate. These site don’t prohibit people exchanging personal details. On the site Imlive, you can find non-nude categories by clicking on “Friends and romance”. At Camcontacts, choose “glamour girls”.

Fly to the camgirl destination

Most of these camgirls come from Romania, Ukraine and Russia. This also means that if you decide to fly to Romania, Ukraine or Russia, you can have lots of alternative local opportunities if you fail with a camgirl or several camgirls.

You can subscribe to a VPN

Most of the camgirls block visitors from their country. You must use a VPN to simulate an IP address from your country. Otherwise, you will not be able to chat with the camgirl. If you use Streamate for instance, you must not activate the VPN while you are on the website otherwise a program will block your account. On the other hand, there is no problem using a VPN on Imlive, Camcontacts, Chaturbate and Streamate. You can click here to have access to these websites.

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