Fucked by a random dude

Always locked in his office, this guy is almost kissed even at home. Still, there is this sexy driver who often comes to their office. He has already offered him some little treats he has refused, but now he is reconsidering the matter and a little company would not hurt him. In the middle of the day, the guy called the courier and repeated his proposal with enthusiasm, even from time to time. But this is a fantasy made possible by using the next generation of gay sex doll 

An extra job for the guy -  gay sex doll fantasy - imagined and enacted 

He comes to deliver his mail to the good man in his office and he sees him making him gentle eyes and making physical signs that never lie about the cravings of sex. The young guy closes the door and opens his fly. He asks the guy to make him a big pipe with his lips very red. He loves watching this high class man lick his balls. Plus with his little fingers he is fingering his ass and doing a little internal massage. He's just brilliant this bitch and for the guy it is an unheard of opportunity. But he hastens to stop the pipe and climbs on the table with the pants reassembled. He stretches his two legs wide and the guy leans to suck and butter sum in a gay sex doll porn. These little screams of pleasure are heard throughout the office but the two do not care, they are in full rejoicing.

It's time to fuck

The guy still has a job to catch up. Suddenly, with pressure, he began to penetrate the guy on the desk table. No tact, he just wants to give him more pleasure in no time. He has the cock on fire and relieves by violently breaking this ass open in front of him. He continues to graze and then rolls the prostate. This makes the guy chill with all the pleasure it gives him. An enormous enjoyment for him but also for the young guy super man who takes a long time before ejaculating on this head of the home. He leaves the office very satisfied.

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